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Have you ever moved from one house to another?
It is not fun!

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate the physical and emotional aspects of downsizing and moving to a new residence. Our move managers recognize the stress and difficulty of packing a whole house into boxes. We strive to help people and their families manage a smooth transition and make their new home comfortable to begin the next chapter of their life.

Our Values

Our values include being trustworthy to go into a person’s home to help them sort through years of possessions while also being respectful of their privacy. Our Move Managers are imaginative, resourceful, and compassionate professionals.

Our History

Hi! I am originally from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and have lived near Traverse City for longer than my time in the U.P. I am married to my wonderful husband Arron and we have a blended family of my 2 boys and his 3 boys and 1 girl. Most of the kids are adults and are off doing their own thing now. That brings us to thinking of our next stage of life and finding something to do with our extra time.

Story time: My mom has a friend named Betty and they live in “the middle of nowhere” in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It takes over 30 minutes to go to the grocery store from their little town. Betty is a spry 90+ year old that lives by herself in a two-bedroom apartment filled with all her treasures dating back to her younger years. My mom asked if I could help Betty with some electronic equipment at her apartment while I was in town. We arrived and I figured out the issues with the devices and made sure they were in working order. While at the apartment, Betty mentioned that she had decided to move closer to her kids. She mentioned that her family would have to travel from other towns to help box up her apartment and help with all the steps that are needed for the moving process. I looked around her apartment and saw all her collections of trinkets and saw the second bedroom where she had many shelving units setup and all the shelves were overflowing with all her treasures. I could sense that her stress level was pretty high about this decision to move as she talked about not wanting to burden her family with taking time out of their lives to help her.

Bright idea! It was right after that visit when I started brainstorming if there were any companies that “the Bettys of our area” could hire to help them move and would ease the stress on their mind. My research found a few different “Senior Move Managers” around the country and also found that there is actually an organization called the National Association of Senior & Specialty Move Managers. Who knew such a place existed? I dug into their website and was delighted to find their ethics and values were right in line with what Betty needed. By that time, Betty had already moved, but this concept of helping Seniors sparked my interest.

Making it happen! In March of 2021 I started my own “move management” company called Peacock Move Management. Why “peacock”? It is my mom’s maiden name. I grew up having my Grandpa and Grandma Peacock around and also many uncles, aunts, and cousins with the same last name. You can find peacock bird figurines or peacock feathers in most of our family houses for decorations. This bird has been a big part of my upbringing and it is such a beautiful bird which also makes for a pretty logo.

Why trust me? After college, I worked at a local nursing home as a secretary. I loved being around all the residents and got to know a lot of them during different activities over the 8 years I worked there. It was like having many grandparents around all day long. Their stories never got old. My career then moved into the banking world where I expanded my computer Information Technology (IT) skills. This is where I learned about all aspects of technology along with security, regulations, policies, and most of all confidentiality. This knowledge transfers well when people trust me to go into their home to help sort through years of possessions while also being respectful of their privacy. Unfortunately, the banking world turned upside-down which transitioned me into the insurance realm. While at the insurance company, my roles have included working as a Business Analyst, Project Manager, and IT Engineer. I have managed many projects that started as an idea and soon became a working product. These project management skills help with coordinating all the aspects of moving including managing the schedule, coordinating with third-party companies, gathering supplies, and making sure all checklists are complete.

After all these years of working in an office, I have been drawn back into wanting to work directly with people. I am passionate about helping others in need and it warms my heart to know my service helps those who can’t do the heavy lifting anymore. I understand that it is not easy to make decisions on what should move, what should be donated or what is trash. I strive to take the time needed to work at a pace that works for everyone. I am now a certified member of the National Association of Senior & Specialty Move Managers and I have become a member of the Bay Area Senior Advocates (in Traverse City) and the Senior Network Advocacy Group (in Cadillac). For now, it is just me helping you out. I look forward to growing my company and adding employees, but don’t be worried! I work efficiently and you would be surprised on how quickly I can box up a room. I would love the opportunity to help anyone moving!
~ Karlene

My mom and I enjoying coffee at the beach in Florida.

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